Sheets Buying Guide

It’s easy to overlook the importance of the humble bed sheet: just buy a set (or a few), decide whether to tuck or untuck, and you’re done, right? In fact, having the right set of sheets is key to your nightly comfort, as different types are more breathable or softer than others. Read on for a guide to how to buy bed sheets that suit your needs, including a rundown of thread count, types of weaves, and the many materials available to choose from.

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Know the Material
Both natural and synthetic materials are used to make bed sheets; sometimes a blend of the two is used. But different materials come with their own advantages.

Your basic cotton plant is the most common source of the fibers that go into bed sheets. Generally soft and breathable, cotton sheets are comfortable to sleep under even if the summer heat is stifling. Some cotton is combed, which means that the shortest fibers were removed to ensure a stronger weave.

Benefits: Treated well, your sheets can last a number of years.
Pro tip: They get wrinkled easily, so take them out of the dryer as soon as it turns off. For a pristine, hotel-like finish, iron them before use.
Supima and Pima Cotton
Pima is a general term for a cotton variety with extralong fibers; Supima is a trademark for pima cotton grown in the American Southwest by a consortium of growers. They’re a step up in quality from basic cotton sheets, but that means they’ll also cost more.

Benefits: They absorb more dye (and retain it longer) than regular cotton, so prints and colors are more vivid. The strands are also more durable, so these will last longer.
Pro Tip: Only about 3% of the annual US cotton crop is Supima. It might be tougher to find, but it’s well worth it.
Egyptian Cotton
Thanks to its extralong fibers, which are wound into thin but durable strands, Egyptian cotton (a large part of which is indeed from Egypt) is the highest-quality and most expensive material available for bed sheets.

Benefits: Not only do they stand up to repeated washings and long-term use, potentially for several years, but they also get softer and softer the longer you use them.
Pro Tip: These should be laundered as gently as possible, using delicate cycles and detergent and low heat.
Another all-natural material, bamboo is a good choice for the eco-conscious, as the quick-growing plant generally doesn’t need watering outside of normal rainfall. Material made from bamboo is durable and soft.

Benefits: Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and odor-, mildew-, and mold-resistant, so you can go a little longer between washes.
Pro Tip: If you have sensitive skin, bamboo sheets might be a good option.
Cotton Rich
These sheets contain at least 50% cotton; the remainder is generally polyester. They tend to be less expensive than 100% cotton sheets, but they may not be quite as breathable.

Benefits: The addition of polyester makes them more resistant to wrinkles.
Pro Tip: Due to their smooth finish, they make for a nice presentation in guest rooms.
Microfiber, Polyester, and Other Synthetics
These sheets vary in construction and feel, but they’re generally soft and wrinkle-free.

Benefits: Synthetic sheets won’t pill, as cotton tends to do. They also retain more body heat, which makes them a good option for wintertime.
Pro Tip: Resistant to stains and wrinkles, these sheets are easy to care for.
Know the Weave
Bed sheets come in a variety of weaves, that is, how the strands of fabric are woven together. Each weaving technique contributes to differences between sheet sets. The most important difference can be noticed as you drift off to sleep—the sheets’ precise feel. Among the most common weaves and designs:

Damask jpg

Originally created in Damascus, Syria, damask’s multilayer weave improves its breathability. It can come in a range of textural patterns.

embossed sheets png

Embossed simply means the design was heat-pressed onto the sheet, which shouldn’t affect its breathability. Embossed designs are often subtle and intricate.

Flannel jpg

You don’t have to be a lumberjack to enjoy flannel, which is a bit heavier than most other cotton types and has a napped finish that’s soft and fuzzy. Flannel is ideal for curling up under when temperatures plummet.

Jacquard jpg

Similar to damask, you’ll feel the pattern on these sheets, as it’s woven into the face of the sheets themselves. Jacquard patterns are typically intricate, with a luxe vibe.

Jersey jpg

Think of your favorite old cotton T-shirt and you’ll understand how jersey sheets feel—soft, comfortable, and homey. They’re made of knit (rather than woven) fabric, so they tend to be stretchier than other sheets. They can also retain more heat, making them better suited to chilly weather.

Percale jpg

The yarns that go into a percale bed sheet are woven in a one-over, one-under pattern, which results in a more durable construction that nonetheless leaves plenty of room for air to pass in and out. They may, however, feel a bit stiff at first. Wash them regularly to make them softer.

Printed jpg

Unlike damask or jacquard, the pattern on a printed sheet isn’t woven in; it’s dyed in. Printed sheets are popular in kids’ bedding sets, but sometimes you’ll find sets for adults printed in vivid florals.

Sateen jpg

Woven in a four-over, one-under pattern, the surface of sateen sheets will feel especially soft and smooth, though they may be less durable.

Satin jpg

A combination of polyester and silk, these sheets are known for their romantic vibe. They always feel luxuriously soft and cool to the touch, which means they’re best in summer. However, try sleeping with a satin pillowcase year-round if you have damage-prone hair—satin is thought to keep hair soft and hydrated.

Find the Thread Count
You’ll see the term “thread count” on most cotton and many cotton-rich sheets; it doesn’t apply to sheets made of knit fabrics, such as jersey. It’s a salient-enough feature that many bed sheet manufacturers go out of their way to note when a sheet set has a high thread count.

What is it?
Thread count is a numerical value used to measure how many strands of thread are woven into a fabric. It’s measured by counting the number of threads contained in 1 square inch of fabric, including both the length (warp) and width (weft) of threads.

Why does it matter?
Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets, but anywhere from 200 to 800 means they’ll be comfortable and long-lasting. Prices tend to climb along with the thread count, but know that many sheets have diminishing returns as numbers get into the high hundreds. In addition, thread count doesn’t assess fabric quality, so materials are still the most important factor.

What if the package notes “GSM” instead?
With synthetic materials such as microfiber, you’ll sometimes see the measurement of grams per square meter, or GSM. It’s a measurement of weight, so the idea is that the heavier the material, the thicker it is. The same caveats apply here, though; just because a sheet set has a higher GSM doesn’t automatically mean it has better construction.

All sheets come with care instructions; the vast majority are machine washable. In general you’ll want to wash and dry sheets on the gentle side, as hot water and high heat can weaken the fibers. It’s also a good idea to change bed sheets weekly so that they pick up less oil and residue between washings.

Mattress Size
Properly set up, the fitted sheet of any sheet set needs to cover the entire mattress, with the corners securely tucked under. To figure out whether a fitted sheet will work with your mattress:

First take a measurement of the thickness of the mattress from top to bottom, factoring in pillowtops and mattress toppers.
Determine the pocket depth on the fitted sheet, which is often provided by the packaging (if not, measure the seam in the pocket).
With both measurements in hand, this rule of thumb will help you determine whether a fitted sheet should fit your mattress:

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Cheap Home Decor Wholesale

How to Find Best Home Decor Wholesale Distributors and Suppliers in China

How to Find Best Home Decor Wholesale Distributors and Suppliers in China

By 2020, the home decor wholesale industry is expected to accumulate USD 664 billion, making it a niche market worth taking advantage of. Although it has always been popular, it is still growing every year. One of the best things about the home decor industry is that it covers a wide range of products. It can include living room furniture or wall art. As a store owner, you have the flexibility to choose a specific type of product, or you can expand to other areas in the niche market. The furniture industry alone is worth billions of dollars, accounting for only a small portion of the home decoration niche market.

The home decoration market has been growing. Wholesale home decor suppliers are always looking for different unique ways and products to beautify your home. The experience of shopping online also makes it easier for consumers to find what they want.

Advertising has also changed, with many wholesalers bringing products directly to retailers and consumers through social media marketing. It’s now much easier for consumers to switch to retailers that operate online businesses, such as direct shipping, which include support from wholesale vendors.

It is estimated that from 2015 to 2020, the global home decoration market will grow at a rate of 4.2%. By 2020, the market will be worth $ 664 billion. The predicted value of this market makes it a market worth investing in. This may be due to ongoing innovation.

The growth in real estate has seen many people build or move from one house to another. In addition, because online and offline shopping exposes shoppers to different home furnishings, some decisions made when buying a product are impulsive, while other times planning and saving are the products that are really needed.

From the appearance, the home decoration niche market has huge potential. Whether you plan to run an online store or an offline store, there are good reasons to try it out. One of the first tasks is to find your creative supplier and let’s continue working on the list of top home furnishing wholesale suppliers.

Are you looking for a home decor accessories wholesale supplier or distributor in China?

 Some walls or markets will remain evergreen! One of these markets is the household goods market.

 As a distributor or retailer, you have the opportunity to earn as much money as possible to sell home decorations to your customers. However, you must understand what is happening in this market. This will give you more advantages than others.
This article will reveal where you can find home furnishing wholesale distributors where you can wholesale home goods for sale to customers.

Wholesale home decor supplier

Why should you choose wholesale home decor for resale?

There is no doubt that this particular market will help you succeed in a short period of time. Here are some reasons why it should be chosen in other markets:

1-High profitability

Its profitability is very high compared to the gains you get in other markets. You may be wondering that most home decor shippers make about 400% -500% of the profits on products sold to customers. This is much better than trying to break even in other markets.


Reselling home decor products puts you in a good position to expand your business to any height. This simply means selling products to target markets over and over. For example, as the holiday season approaches, you can resell Christmas home decorations to your customers.

 3- product category

Are you having a nightmare and choosing which products to resell as resellers? Do you know the markets you might be involved in without finding a successful product? The home accessories market allows you to get different products, and you can find best-selling products according to different needs. There are many products to choose from, such as decorative lights, wall decorations, paintings, flowers, art posters, vintage household items, etc.
4- high demand

In today’s world, homeowners are constantly looking for ways to improve their houses in terms of appearance and aesthetics. That’s one of the reasons why you should start selling home decoration products because they will always be in demand. At the same time, you should learn to study user needs, such as often find inspiration in home shopping blogs, and grasp market trends.

The best home decor products wholesale

Remember, one of the keys to success in your business is to find the best product that is profitable, sells naturally, and is good for expanding marketing.

We have selected some of the best wholesale home decor walls for retailers. They are:

High-end home decoration

Although few people are dissatisfied with the price of high-end home decor, they have a distinctive advantage. Some projects are exclusive. The quality of the fabric is also better when throwing pillows and quilts. Some high-end home decor comes with designer brands, such as Aviva Stanoff, Baccarat, Magniberg and Givenchy.

Regarding the wholesale business, high-end home decorations have attracted higher profits. This is because those who appreciate quality and uniqueness are always willing to pay for it.

Best Selling Home Decoration Wholesale

Kitchen supplies

The kitchen is a room in the home, and the kitchen is constantly changing as various kitchen products are introduced. People, especially those who like to cook, are always looking for products that can simplify the food preparation process. The obsession for coffee lovers consists of stylish coffee pots and plungers.

Chefs are always looking for sharp and stylish kitchen knives. Blenders and juicers have been changed to make them more convenient. Because some kitchen products are lightweight and in high demand, they are a good niche market for wholesalers.

Best Selling Kitchen Supplies Wholesale

Garden decoration

Garden decoration is an important part of home decoration. It can improve the appearance of the house, especially when in harmony with the landscape. Garden decoration options include sculptures, flower troughs, solar lights, paper furniture, bird baths and scaffolding.

The biggest benefit of garden decoration is having beautiful products to suit different budgets. Most garden decorations are more than decorative items used to enhance the appearance of a house. Some beautiful parts can also work, so the product you get has two purposes.

Home interior products

A few years ago, items in a house were purchased primarily for its purpose. Wall clocks, placemats, coasters, curtains, hanging potted plants and vases were purchased primarily for use. Nowadays, people think deeply about the design, color and attractive features of these products.

Wall clocks and lamps come in a variety of stylish designs. Many changes have also taken place in candles, candlesticks and home aromas, keeping the room charming. They come in different sizes, colors and shapes to suit personal preferences.

Some trends that will definitely be popular are the projects that form the rage building of the mirage. Crystal wine bottles and artificial flowers are also popular. Some interesting trends are:

● Gorgeous mirror is made of warm metal, making the appearance timeless

● Watercolor wallpaper

● From simple squares to bold

● Plant pattern

● Weaving wall art

Home Decorator Catalog-Considering what type of home decor should I sell?

The home decoration market is a vast market because there are different products for different audiences. This can be extremely confusing, especially when you start as a delivery person. Successful home decor direct sales companies reach their peak by focusing on specific products and investing in the right ones until they succeed.
All you have to do is choose any market segment where you think your target audience will respond positively and start selling. Here is a list of home decor catalog ideas to inspire you in the home store.

 1. Furniture: Popular furniture styles include western household items, old-fashioned furniture, shabby chic decoration, modern and designer furniture, etc.

 2. Carpet / curtain / wall decoration: Beautiful carpet or wall decoration will make the room different.

 3. Lighting: Common lighting items include indoor lights, night lights, string lights, music lights, candle lights, smart lights, lighting and more creative lights,

4, home storage: modern people have a great demand for storage functions. So please import uique and practical home storage items in your store.

5.Arts and crafts: Unique and beautiful arts and crafts is one of the most important supplies you need

6. Home textiles: People always like to buy textiles for safety.

7. Home accessories: Your bedroom, kitchen, dining room still have many home accessories.

Just follow the new trends in social media and home decor, and you’ll be more inspired.

Where is China’s home furnishing / furniture wholesale market?

You can find home furnishings in places such as Shunde and Lecong Furniture Wholesale Market. You can also find others on South Road and East Huangshi Road.

Which country is best to buy cheap furniture so I can resell it online?

China is the best country to buy furniture for resale. These items are cheap and of high quality, ensuring your profit margins are high.

Where is the best place to buy wholesale home decor?

The best place to buy Chinese home furnishings is One reason is that it allows you to choose from thousands of wholesale home decor suppliers. In addition, it has API technology to ensure that your consignment business is automated, as items are delivered automatically whenever a customer places an order.

Not only can you find products in several market segments, but you can find their diversity at very competitive prices. The products sold under the Chinabrands brand are checked in advance to ensure that every product you buy meets quality standards. In addition, the web is designed in a way that saves you time on the purchase, making the process fast and efficient.

this is all? Of course, you can enjoy more advantages of, such as:

. Start your wholesale home decor business without risk

Is your company short of funds? Are you unwilling to take risks? China has solved all your troubles. Their direct shipping service for retailers frees you from risks and funding issues.

. Click the button to get Boost products

Most retailers spend a lot of time looking for profitable products. Thousands of retailers buy from China every day. You can easily find market trends and top selling models from the website. Just leave product research to China and you can invest 100% of your capacity to boost sales.

. Save your time by leaving SEO work

Many retailers complain about having optimized SEO product descriptions for e-commerce online stores, especially newbies. Chinabrands has a professional team that can build strong SEO product descriptions for its group members to make it easier to upload all product details to its online store.

. Get wholesale home decor in 24 hours

Are you tired of waiting for packages? With the global warehousing and logistics system provided by China, you can even get wholesale sandals within 24 hours.

. Find anything you want

Is your target product not suitable for China brands? No problem, send them a message or email, the sales team will definitely provide you with a satisfactory solution

interesting? Join their membership today and enjoy discounts and services!

Final thoughts

Based on the above, it is clear that there are many ways to ship wholesale decorative items directly. It’s all about finding what your target audience is most interested in or even the most compelling.

For me, I suggest you use a professional platform with end-to-end integration so that your order inventory is synchronized. If you’re just a physical home retailer, choose a retailer that offers you the best prices and customer service.


Wholesale Home Decoration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do you find a trusted wholesale home decor supplier?

A: There are four steps to finding a trusted supplier.

Step 1: Find and verify the supplier’s contact information and email address. Any legitimate supplier should list their address and contact information on their website

Step 2: Check your track record and reputation. Consider a supplier with many years of business experience. You can contact existing customers to ensure their reliability.

Step 3: Make a purchase and check. Consider suppliers who provide sample packaging. With it, you can judge the quality of a product based on first-hand experience.

Step 4: Test the vendor’s customer support services. Send some queries directly to customer support to find out how long they need to respond. If they are unresponsive or don’t give an accurate answer, look for other suppliers.


Q: Where can I buy wholesale home decor?


A: You buy from a wholesaler. But the million dollar question is-where do you find suppliers of wholesale home decor? Here are some options you might want to explore:


Google is your best friend, especially when doing online searches. Enter and search for “Buy Wholesale Home Decor.” Here you will find thousands of search results.

It’s up to you to decide on a trusted wholesaler with china sourcing agent, which can be frustrating and time consuming.


Online market


There are many online markets to buy sunglasses. Think about top online stores such as Alibaba, AliExpress, Chinabrands, Amazon and eBay. Here you can find any home decor you want.

Supplier Directory

Consider vendor directories, such as the listings in this article.

Final words

No one will reject the best home decor shopping website, so here are all my posts about the home decor industry and 20 home furnishing wholesale suppliers in China, the US, the UK and Australia.

Now it is your turn:

Which vendor will you choose from this guide?

Are you ready to start your home decor business?

Let me know in your Email: [email protected]